Astonishing Lengths.


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Example of the hot fusion technique...


The extensions are applied in strands that are pre bonded with a protein keratin bond. This bond is heated, with a specialised heating tool, and rolled around a small section of strands of your own hair. The Keretin is a natural protein so will cause no damage to your natural hair, as long as the recommended maintenance advice is followed.










"The extensions will last for around 3 months and take around 3 hours to apply, for a full head. I will also provide you with full aftercare advice on how to maintain your gorgeous new hair so it will last for as long as possible."      








My chosen methods of hair extension application the hot fusion method and Micro rings. I use 100% remy human hair that is cuticle correct, which means all the cuticles run in the same direction as your natural hair would, so wont tangle and will blend with your natural hair.








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